Ethan Hampton

Fee Bills FY2023

This is all the fee bills that were voted on while I was a representative during joint sessions. The only bill I voted against was the ASOSU bill because of the issues I wrote about earlier. The motion I made to extend discussion failed and as such, I felt it was appropriate to express my lack of approval with the budget as it stood.

HB-13.05: HSRC Fee Bill - Aye
HB-13.06: Other Fees Bill - Aye
HB-13.07: ASOSU Fee Bill - Nay
HB-13.08: IA Fee Bill - Aye
HB-13.09: FRC Fee Bill - Aye
HB-13.10: MU Fee Bill - Aye
HB-13.11: SEE Fee Bill - Aye
HB-13.12: PA Fee Bill - Aye

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