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This page lists various projects that are currently public to the world (at various stages of completion).


This is an esbuild plugin that allows the compilation of files from the Svelte framework. These are two of the most efficient front-end development tools I know and it is a clear win to be able to bring them together. Most of my front-end projects use Svelte and/or esbuild in some capacity so I use this all the time.

OSU Class Data Explorer

A fellow student on an Oregon State Computer Science Discord did a FOIA request for all class grade data. They received a spreadsheet of all classes with grade breakdowns from Fall of 2019 to Summer 2021. I turned this raw data into a browsable web interface to view data from any class with more than 10 students at Oregon State University during that time frame. The source code is available here.


My high school had alternating “A” and “B” days which had different classes. It got confusing to know what day was when, so I built a progressive web app! It can work offline and although fairly simple, served an important purpose in my life. I continue to update it when I can, so current students can still use it.

Race Timer

My family has a race on Thanksgiving every year to raise money for our local food bank. It was difficult finding a timer (without ads and simple to use) to suite our needs, so I built one!


A basic link tool that allows me to dynamically add links to the sidebar of this site that I think are neat. Super basic, but nice to have.


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Last Updated 08-Dec-2021

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