Ethan Hampton

My name is Ethan Hampton and I am a self employed technology consultant. I work to improve individuals usage of technology and insure they are getting the most out of technology as possible. My goal is to be as helpful as possible.

A little about me!

If I am not working with technology, I enjoy reading, writing on my website, biking, running, tinkering, hanging with friends and relaxing. I have a lot of involvement with the clubs at my high school, especially robotics. I love my family who also has websites, where you can find my sister here and my father here. Also, I enjoy programming robots as well as small web toys and other projects. If you would like to know more about Ethan Hampton just ask, I would be happy to tell you! The blog section of my website (which you can find here) has my musings and thoughts on a variety of topics as well as updates on my life. These posts are generally about topics that matter to me, ranging from respect to my love life to the benefits of Wikipedia. It would mean a lot if you took the time to check it out! My life as Ethan is pretty crazy, and I find writing to be pretty soothing. My goal is to write at least one article a month. I sometimes publish some essays and other stories from school if I think they meet my quality requirements. Basically, if I wrote it before high school, there is very little chance that it will appear here. I may expose information about a person that is not public. If I do, I will do my best to get their approval before posting even if they would remain anonymous. If you have any questions about anything I do, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.