Ethan Hampton

Machine Learning Policy

After the recent developments in the world of machine learning, I’ve decided that I need to do a better job of policing the reuse of my content. This generally isn’t a problem for people with an ultra-small following like myself but given the existence of sites like Common Crawl, I need to be more careful.

The footer of my website now contains “No content under this domain (ethohampton.com) may be used for the teaching, testing, or verification of any machine learning algorithm without the written consent of Ethan Hampton.” which I will likely update as time goes on into a full terms of use/license. I don’t want my data to be used to create machine learning models like ChatGPT unless I understand what that means. This is even more of a problem in image models where art creation is someone’s livelihood and they often have unique styles that they effectively own.

The ideas around copyright and free use are hotly debated and still developing. I feel like having my thoughts incorporated into a machine learning model (or AI at some point) is a disservice to myself and the world as a whole.

Thoughts and Ideas

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