Ethan Hampton

HB-13.02 & SB-81.04 - Comprehensive Statutes Enactment Bill - Aye

Vote date: 03-Nov-2021

These bills essentially rewrite all of the statutes and give us a clean slate to work with. Previously record-keeping in ASOSU has been below par and this allows us to start fresh. The Student Government Committee has worked on compiling all the “lost statutes” and creating this document.

Due to origination clauses, we had to vote on two separate versions of this bill in order to pass the whole thing. We chose to forgo a second reading of these bills in order to speed up the process and allow us to focus on more work in the next weeks.

I voted “Aye” on these bills because they clean up a lot of stuff in the statutes and promise a way to prevent it from happening again.

Versions voted on:

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