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  • The Benefits of Wikipedia

    07-Apr-2018 | 1364 Words | 7 min read
    This essay was written for my language arts class, but I felt it also deserved to be on the Internet here as I struggled to find sources while writing this. I may come back and fix this so it actually is a good essay and covers all the things I wanted the original essay to cover but simply ran out of time. With that being said, Wikipedia is a very hard topic to simply cover all on one essay.
  • 01-Jan-0001 | 290 Words | 2 min read
    My name is Ethan Hampton and I am currently attending Oregon State University Honors College, majoring in Computer Science. I have the pleasure of working for the Oregon State Open Source Lab, supporting a wide variety of Open Source projects. Additionally, I work as a self-employed technology consultant. My technology preferences are very diverse, but I generally trend towards efficient solutions that scale well. For example, the range of languages I like to experiment with is JavaScript(Svelte, esbuild), Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, C++, C# and more.

Ethan Hampton is a Oregon State Honors College student studying Computer Science. Ethan loves simple but effective ideas that work at a large scale to help make the world a better place

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