Ethan Hampton

SB-81.06 - Constitutional Convention of the Thirteenth ASOSU Congress - Abstain

Vote date: 17-Nov-2021

I voted “Abstain” on this bill because of my role on the 2022 Elections Committee. Technically, this bill just established the convention and didn’t propose a ballot measure, however I still felt abstaining was my best position here.

This bill was passed by foregoing a second reading, a choice I disagree with given what I believe to be a false time sensitivity. Additionally, we did not have the full senate-amended version of the bill in our hands. I voted “Nay” to foregoing a second reading of this bill

Version voted on: SB-81.06.pdf

The Senate amendments are as follows:

  • Add author as “Dylan Perfect” (ASOSU Vice-President 2021-2022)
  • Replace the 5th item on the list of voting members to read “Any additional ASOSU members appointed by a majority vote of the Convention.”

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