Ethan Hampton

Judicial Council Vice-Chair

I am no longer in this role and this page is out of date as of May 31st, 2023

This is the main page for all of my activity as the Vice-Chair of the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Judicial Council. I strive to improve life for all Oregon State students, and encourage active participation in the student government process.

I previously served as a Representative in the House of Representatives for the 2021-2022 school year. During that time, I served on the Elections Committee as Vice-Chair of Data and Statistics. The 13th Congress was able to pass several items of legislation that increased equity and quality of life for Oregon State University students. I’m happy to talk about the work that I did during my time in the house, please reach out!


This section lists my votes on legislation during my time as ASOSU Representative as well as other news from my work in government.

  • Memo Regarding Spring Term 2023 for ASOSU

    04-Apr-2023 | 60 Words | 1 min read
    This page contains the most up to date version of the memo I put out at the beginning of spring term 2023 looking ahead to the remainder of my time at OSU. I am excited for the term ahead, but as always there are things I think those around me, myself included, could improve on. Latest version of memo: EMH-Memo-2023-001.pdf
  • Oregon Ethics Law and You

    29-Dec-2022 | 551 Words | 3 min read
    The below is a draft of a talk on Oregon ethics laws I was going to give to incoming members of ASOSU so they were slightly more aware of how they played into state policies. This is not legal advice, I am not a lawyer and never intend to be one. Contact qualified legal council for legal advice (the Oregon Government Ethics Commission is a great resource). I want to talk about ethics laws in Oregon and how they apply to members of the ASOSU Congress.
  • Fee Bills FY2023

    29-Dec-2022 | 112 Words | 1 min read
    This is all the fee bills that were voted on while I was a representative during joint sessions. The only bill I voted against was the ASOSU bill because of the issues I wrote about earlier. The motion I made to extend discussion failed and as such, I felt it was appropriate to express my lack of approval with the budget as it stood. HB-13.05: HSRC Fee Bill - Aye
  • Memo Regarding ASOSU Decision Package #4 FY2023

    18-Jan-2022 | 56 Words | 1 min read
    This page contains the most up to date version of the memo I put out which explains why I am against the advocate model for professional staff within ASOSU. This memo was triggered by the changes made by decision package #4 for ASOSU within the FY2023 fee cycle process. Latest version of memo (updated 19-Jan-2022): ASOSU-DP4-Memo-V3.pdf
  • Vote date: 17-Nov-2021 I voted “Abstain” on this bill because of my role on the 2022 Elections Committee. Technically, this bill just established the convention and didn’t propose a ballot measure, however I still felt abstaining was my best position here. This bill was passed by foregoing a second reading, a choice I disagree with given what I believe to be a false time sensitivity. Additionally, we did not have the full senate-amended version of the bill in our hands.
  • Vote date: 17-Nov-2021 I voted “Aye” on this bill. This is a stop-gap measure to pay more members of the student government for more time. This will dramatically increase their time to work and allows for the fee process to proceed smoothly. This will be voted on again for future years in the form of a fee decision package later this school year. Version voted on: HB-13.03.pdf
  • SR-81.01 - SafeWalk Resolution - Abstain

    10-Nov-2021 | 61 Words | 1 min read
    Vote date: 10-Nov-2021 I voted “Abstain” on this resolution because although I support SafeWalk as a service, I don’t have enough information about the impact it will have on the incidental fee to make a decision either way. If it comes down to SafeWalk vs some other priority, I don’t want to be bound to a decision. Version voted on: SR-81.01.pdf
  • Vote date: 03-Nov-2021 These bills essentially rewrite all of the statutes and give us a clean slate to work with. Previously record-keeping in ASOSU has been below par and this allows us to start fresh. The Student Government Committee has worked on compiling all the “lost statutes” and creating this document. Due to origination clauses, we had to vote on two separate versions of this bill in order to pass the whole thing.
  • SB-81.02 - Better Standing Rules Bill - Aye

    29-Sep-2021 | 36 Words | 1 min read
    Vote date: 29-Sep-2021 I voted “Aye” on this bill because I believe that it encourages the House to meet over the summer. Simple bill, and a great candidate for my first vote! Version voted on: SB-81.02.pdf

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