Ethan Hampton

ASOSU Representative

This is the main page for all of my activity as a Representative for the Associated Students of Oregon State University House of Representatives in the 13th ASOSU Congress. I strive to improve life for all Oregon State students, and encourage active participation in the legislative process.

Office Hours

Fall term 2021, my office hours are Wednesdays from 2-3 in SEC 250. If you would like to meet remotely, that can also be accommodated. Please contact me via my ASOSU email at [email protected]

Legislative Priorities

  • Equitable access to student resources
  • Safe learning environment - focusing specifically on COVID-19
  • The Climate Crisis
  • Other issues YOU want me to represent (again, I encourage you to come to my office hours!)


This section lists my votes on legislation to provide additional transparency into my actions as well as other news from my work in government.

  • SB-81.02 - Better Standing Rules Bill - Aye

    29-Sep-2021 | 36 Words | 1 min read
    Vote date: 29-Sep-2021 I voted “Aye” on this bill because I believe that it encourages the House to meet over the summer. Simple bill, and a great candidate for my first vote! Version voted on: SB-81.02.pdf

Ethan Hampton is a Oregon State Honors College student studying Computer Science. Ethan loves simple but effective ideas that work at a large scale to help make the world a better place

Thoughts and Ideas

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