I’ve done the math, its not hard to understand. Free speech is good, but there are absolutely positively no benefits to being mean, ignorant, non-accepting, racist, fascist, etcetera. Period. No exceptions.

What caused me to make such a bold statement? Simple, Twitter.

The tweet Karissa was referring to was this one, I screen shotted it should it get taken down…

Tweet by @katelinnicole12 we. are. in. america. if you live in this country this is your flag, these are your colors. if you're offended then you're the problem, not the ones who are repping our amazing country, that we're proud to live in.



My Opinion

To be absolutely very clear here, I believe in free speech and that people have the right to shout “USA” at football games. My belief is that everyone is entitled to an option. So let me give you mine, again, being very clear this is MY OPINION, you are not likely to change it (read that as “you are not going to change my opinion not matter what you shout at me”). Listed here is things that I believe.

So, I am going to make several points,

  1. I disagree with Kate’s response to the article. I think that it is fair to say that some people would get offended by chanting “USA” just like some people were offended by the school district saying that the chant was not okay. Had she read the article (props if she did)  this would have been less of a problem. Feel free to correct me Kate. There is one line in the article that matters quite a bit. “District officials say they want to make clear that there is no ban on chanting USA,” (source). Although I don’t think this makes the whole issue any less of a problem, it helps to show the intent of the district officials. They were just giving an advisory, just like high wind warnings, you don’t have to worry about it that much, but it should be in the back of your head.
  2. I don’t think, at this point in time, the USA is “our amazing country”. There is so much going on within our borders right now that it is overwhelming me. Do I think that I am fortunate to live in The United States? Absolutely, I am really grateful for that. Am I currently proud to say that I live in the USA? Not so much, I haven’t really been willing to say that for the last couple years when I really started to follow politics. Is this simply my option? Definitely, and it is totally other people’s rights to have their own as well. I think the USA should be proud of what we have accomplished, but also keep in mind we are never done.
  3. You shouldn’t have to get “shit” for your opinion.

The Twitter Response

At the time of this post was published, there were no responses to Kate’s tweet, it has been retweeted 28 times and liked 52. Karissa’s tweet has drawn 8 top level responses and countless more in response to those top level comments. Also, Karissa’s tweet has been liked 30 times and retweeted 3 times. What is really interesting is that there is about a 50% divide on Karissa’s tweet in regards to if they agree with her or not.


I think several of these people bring up really good points that need to be discussed. I am not the one to do that, but they should definitely be looked at. When I first began writing this article, I was going to talk about how there are no long term benefits to being mean and you should be careful what you use free speech for. Which is true, but I want to talk about a slightly bigger issue.

My Point

Simply, the only reason I payed any attention to the original tweet was because I disagreed with it. If I agreed with the tweet, I would have ignored it. CGP Grey has a great video on this called “This Video Will Make You Angry”  If we have any chance of surviving as a globe, we need to work together. By saying, “you’re the problem” you are actually becoming the problem (excuse the hypocrisy). Also, by saying “I’m gonna get shit for this I know it but…” you also are creating the problem.

So I urge you, express your opinion in a way that does not create an “angry thought germ” and help the world. Free speech is a right, but every time something comes out of your brain, you should make sure you mean it. Sure, it’s stupid to say that people should say stuff that other people disagree with, but if you are going to say something like that, do it in a way that won’t offend people and cause them to attack you. The world is full of problems, but we can work to solve them one at a time.

Who Are You To Tell Me What To Think?
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