This is a film review I wrote for one of my high school classes. It is acceptable enough that I figured I would post it on here. La La Land is a great film that I would recommend to anyone!

La La Land Review

La La Land is a film about two nobodies meeting each other and by themselves trying to make it to big time while being romantically entwined. La La Land was directed by Damien Chazelle. The movie was released in 2016 and is approximately 128 minutes long. It is considered a romance. I would say that the theme of this movie is to understand that you have to make hard choices and that sometimes they don’t work out but you just have to go with it.

The movie focuses heavily on the typical actor and musician’s life. They don’t go too far until they hit something big and then they are well known. It is very difficult for someone to get a leg up if you don’t know the right people. A major plot line of the movie focuses on the choice between romance and doing what you love. It brings up several issues and problems that many people face and have to make a decision about.

I really enjoyed the movie because it told a story that had an unexpected ending and managed to keep me on my toes throughout the whole thing. The film was nominated for 12 Oscar awards and won five, proving right there that it is a great film. I think they did a great job with the cinematography because it made me feel like I was right there in the film. The colors of the film in general seem to remind me of a sunset with all of the blues, golds and oranges, which fits right into the romance genre (as does some of my life, check it out here).  

The soundtrack was excellent and added to the atmosphere significantly. The ambient sounds were very beneficial and added more realism to the film. The songs were also enjoyable and I think managed to reach out to all generations with ageless tunes. The acting was as good as expected for a Hollywood film and was reflected in the awards won during the Oscars and other award shows.

Mia is in Hollywood as an actor and is working in a coffee shop on set while trying to get an audition for a role. Sebastian is a jazz musician making a living playing for restaurants and trying to be a really good jazz player. He gets kicked out for playing improv jazz and Mia hears the jazz but he ignores her. They then see each other again at a party and talk a little afterwards. The main conflict happens when they both go their separate ways after having problems staying in contact while Sebastian is playing and she is acting.

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The opening of the movie is very cleverly done and is set on a freeway with a traffic jam. It is where Mia and Sebastian first get a glimpse of each other even though they don’t realize it.

la la land party sceneAfter the party when they are walking to their cars, there is a scene contains no cuts and in my opinion is one of the most difficult scenes in the whole movie. The whole scene had to be filmed multiple times right after another in order to capture the sunset. It was done very well and has amazing audio and visual effects.

Overall I think that the movie accomplished its overall purpose. It was very finished and had a great overall vibe. I do think that the general plot could have been improved because it seemed like there were several instances that just seemed unrealistic. For instance, when he could not make her performance, he did not communicate that with her and instead came to explain afterwards. I feel like in a situation like that, in the real world there would be more communication. The whole movie made me feel like I was in a musical with amazing music and visuals. I think that there were some rough edges but overall it was well put together.


I think that this movie did not have an impact on the real world like some of the other films nominated this year. It as a great film but I think it doesn’t have a theme for day to day life. The musical nature of the film is very nice and enjoyable because I feel like it had a significant impact on the film, that payed off because it was able to drive home the theme better because of it. I would definitely recommend that you watch La La Land because it has a great emotional impact and is very well done. I would grade this film about an “A” because it has great technical and acting quality but the plot was a little lacking in the middle. Be sure to check it out, it definitely is one of my new favorites.

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La La Land Film Review
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