I just recently published a page where I state the rules of life that I live by, also known as my code of conduct. The page can be found here and I am planning to update it frequently. I don’t believe that you need to follow rules or guidelines all the time however I have found that it is helpful to have some general idea of what you should do. If any of you have any good ideas about what rules I should add to the page, please let me know.

I kind of got this idea from several books who mentioned that they have rules to live by and that I kind of what I am trying to do. I will add more rules as I find them in books. Many things listed won’t make sense until they come up in a situation. The most important rule is to, “Respect Everything” and for a good reason. I am planing to do a larger article discussing it at a later date.

Why did I do this? Why the rules?

I felt like it was important to create concepts and ideas that make sense to me. Generally I am pretty consistent in how I deal with situations, this rule list helps promote that. I am not sure there is any other word to describe this list, “law” or “rules of conduct” both don’t really cut it because they imply certain things. The code of conduct will help keep me honest and transparent, which is what I want. Also worth noting that I don’t want people calling me out for breaking stuff on the list, not cool.

Rules for Rules

This list should be able to apply to everyone and be as universal as possible. If there is a single rule that is not universal, that is fine however it should be made evident in the rule. I may add more explanation underneath each rule but not for now. There is still a lot to be done and I plan to work for a while to fix any issues. I never have time for anything but this is a project that I am interested in. That’s all for now but expect more soon! I look forward to the feedback and will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

The Rules of Life That I Live By
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