This is part three of four of a 27 page group story that was written during 9th grade language arts. This story is one of heroics and love and pain and sorrow. Without further adieu, The Amazing Group story!

Please note this is unedited directly from the Google Docs other than the pictures Ethan adds. Also please be aware that this story may not be (take that as “is not”) appropriate for younger audiences. Look who wrote this story at the bottom, it was definitely a group effort!



Emily’s eyes shot open, her gaze found a metal ring rotating above her almost like a cat scan but with more pieces missing. Keegan stood up from a one similar to her’s stretching enthusiastically.

“So, ready to take a walk?” asked Keegan impatiently, he knew that Abe was growing tired and he wanted to perform the ritual while the sun was still up. Matt stood up from behind a small rock which he had been resting against whilst waiting for them to wake up.

“The ladder is set up bro,” Matt said as he turned to face Keegan. Keegan, now fully awake, turned to Abe who had been monitoring Keegan and Emily’s HEARTHELMETS from a separate panel. Abe turned to see a distinctive nod from Keegan which notioned him it was time to leave, well that is if he didn’t want to be late to the opera house. Emily was still left a little confused at this point but then decided that it was probably all good. “To the Bridge” Matt said as he grasped Emily’s shoulder firmly so she could not escape. After hearing this Keegan grinned and turned towards the ladder perched on a small rock outcrop, under it lay a hot pool of lava.


“So uh this is exciting, I’m gonna head over to the food car, if they even have those on subway trains” Tristan said as he stood up from his seat.


The hike to the Bridge wasn’t as long Emily had anticipated but still made her legs sore. Matt had released his grip after slipping and deciding it would be better for the both of them if he just used both of his hands to keep balance. Emily was surprised though at the size of the bridge, like it was kinda in that middle point where it looked a little to small to fill the gap yet by switching perspective it changed to seem as if it were too big to fit the gap.

“So what do we do now?” asked Emily

“Well, I’m gonna take that rifle on the edge there to do a trick shot and end all of humanity, for the good of humanity, I think” Matt responded. Emily looked at him curiously.

“You seem really indecisive about this, are you really really really sure you want to?”asked Emily quizzically.

“I don’t know, I didn’t have a lot of time to continue to contemplate it between my last segment and now. you should have stayed in the machine, it would have given the write more time to build my defining plot point” Matt responded in a calm tone.

“Sorry?” Emily said confuzzled.

“Well I guess it’s time” Matt said as he gazed at Keegan through the scope. He lowered the rifle and squinted at Keegan. Keegan’s enthusiasm gave Matt an uneasy feeling but he ignored it. He stepped up onto the railing. Okay jump, spin, switch to my other weapon and back, then shoot, it’s simple, you can do this Matt, then it will unleash a power wave destroying everything but us. Matt’s breathing slowed as he concentrated.

“You can do it Matt!” said Emily. At this point she was still kinda out of it and didn’t exactly know what was happening so be responsible and don’t blame her for her actions.

“On Three! No less, No more. One, Two, Thr–” Emily was interrupted by a large wormhole opening right beside them.


The Subway bolted out of the portal and almost immediately into another 20ft from the first. In an epic moment of slow-motion and utter awesomeness the protagonist jumped from one of the quickly appearing and disappearing train cars. Yet as the jumped in slow motion Tristan turned his head back and looked into the open door where Anna stood.

“Tristaann! I will always love you!” she cried desperately as he fell heroically.

“Yeah you too, person, stay safe, be responsible, treat others how you want to be treated”

Tristan yelled back as he prepared to land. In a really classic cool way all the character landed in a V-formation all in unison.

“Matt don’t” Riley said. although this wasn’t very necessary as upon creation of the portal Matt had stopped to watch the epicness infold.

“But I need to do something that has meaning! For my son!” he replied tears welling in his eyes. Matthew stepped forward and grasped Matt by the shoulders.

“Don’t worry my man, our son grew up to be awesome” said Matthew reassuringly.

“You mean he’s alive?! My boy is Alive?!” Matt yelled excitedly in response.

“Well hold your horses, there may have been some complications along the way that I did not account for”

“Wait, he’s dead?! The moment I hear my son is Alive is the moment I hear he is dead?!” Matt said as his whole world seemed to collapse inside itself. Matt fell to his knees dropping the rifle and beginning to cry. Should I catch it before it hits the ground? Nah, writer needs to make something interesting happen thought Riley as he gazed upon the falling firearm. Riley watched as the gun hit the ground and bounced right back into the air spinning in a 720 only to hit the Bridge rail and go off, firing a shot.

“Gahhhhhhh….” screeched Keegan as he fell from the ladder.

“Well that was convenient, at least he won’t go all humanity bomb on us” said Emily as she gazed across the gap to the free standing ladder.

“Yeah at least that’s over” Matt said confidently.

“Well actually it says here in the story that due to a need of entertainment that bullet will have not killed him yet only morphed him into a super Keegan,” said Tristan as he closed the book.

“Well that sucks” said Doc from behind them.

“Oh, forgot you were a character” said the writer.

“Well this sucks” said Riley as he turned to see Keegan levitating above them. His clothes had now changed from his regular Timbers jacket and athletic shorts to a dark green duster, with a flaming black vest underneath it.

“You know, I would of thought after this long I would have a name for my new form, like maybe The Desert Sun, get it, because I’m kinda dressed like a cowboy and I’m on fire or maybe even -”

“Nope,” Matt interrupted as he grabbed Matthew and formed into one Super MATThew. MATThew then threw a fireball at Super Keegan and killed him as his fireball was obviously heated by the most fire mixtape of all eternity.

“Well that was pretty satisfying,” MATThew said

“So now what?”

“I got this,  Oh Leo!” Emily called and not a moment later Leo appeared with an open portal back home .

“Well that’s really convenient,” Riley said

“And guys, I think that this has all taught us a valuable lesson, that teamwork is very important, yeah! Okay let’s go home” Riley said as he switched from happy and enthusiastic to tired and wanting a nap Riley. So they all headed back through the plot portal and continued on with their lives, except for Joe/Doc, he died two days later of AIDS. And they all lived relatively  happy working and getting paid minimum wage at jobs that were kinda okay, the End.


Protagonist Tristan: Tristan Ferry

Protagonist Riley: Riley Fleetwood

Protagonist Joe/Doc: Joseph Chauvin

Protagonist Emily: Emily Cinnamon

Protagonist Matthew & MATThew: Matthew Mcconaughey

Protagonist Dylan: Dylan Hess

Antagonist Keegan: Keegan Elkins

Antagonist Abe: Abraham Lincoln R.I.P.

Antagonist Matt & MATThew: Matthew Mcconaughey

Side-Character Flurgen Durgen: M.C.

Side-Character Leo: Patches

Side-Character Puff: Puff the Magic Dragon

Side-Character Anna: Anna

Side-Character Super Brick: Bryce Abeln

Side-Character Duke: Duke Brah

Side-Character Lucca: Lucca Hamina

Mastermind and Primary Author: Jon Carter

Assistant and Part-time Editor: Logan Bergmann

Assistant and Part-time Editor: Vincent Roush

The Transitioner: Transitioner Shwoo


Special Thanks To

Riley Fleetwood, Dylan Hess, Daniel McGough, Emily Cinnamon, Zachary Johnson, Bryce Abeln, Keegan Elkin, Karrisa Terry, Zachary Reinker, Brenden Marshall, Lucca Hamina, Derek Myers, Meria Lee, Taylor Rockwell, Ethan Hampton, Clara Morrison, Ella Stidham, and Mrs. Briery for letting us create an epic story












Emily’s Eyes shot open, the metal ring above her stopped spinning and she stood up.

“You feelin alright?” asked The Writer.

“Yeah, I’m feelin pretty alright” she answered back.

Amazing Group Story Part 4 – The Finale
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