This is part three of four of a 27 page group story that was written during 9th grade language arts. This story is one of heroics and love and pain and sorrow. Without further adieu, The Amazing Group story!

Please note this is unedited directly from the Google Docs other than the pictures Ethan adds. Also please be aware that this story may not be (take that as “is not”) appropriate for younger audiences. Look who wrote this story at the bottom, it was definitely a group effort!


Riley saw Tristan and Matthew come across the hill in front of them, carrying a bag of fried chicken and Mt.Dew.  Riley pondered the moment as Dylan was nowhere in sight yet felt it was all good.

“ I can’t believe it, he had so much going for him, so much plot for him to unravel yet now he will never finish his part of the story, although I already knew this was going to happen it’s still pretty sad.” Tristan stuttered as his eyes withheld tears. Matthew’s face remained silent yet was also filled with sorrow as he mourned the loss of his kinda nephew.

“ So What was the story between you guys? Like how were you and Dylan related?” asked Riley.

“ well you see a long time ago in a distant reality…”


Matthew’s eyes widened as he gazed upon the portal created by the particle accelerator. The sound of thunder above becoming distorted in the Portal’s wake, leaving Matthew only to wonder, what would happen if he entered? His eyes became glazed by tears of joy as air flowed around him, causing almost a wind as it entered and exit the portal. Memories started to rush to his mind of a sphere he had once scene in space, of large profits. Then his mind filled with images of his future wife, then switching to a large flying turtle with a mystical dragon on top. He saw a beautiful land no others could comprehend,  a memory of the death of his father crossed his mind, thinking he could have stopped the shooting, and then, the memory shattered. Matthew came back to reality and found himself on the ground slowly being pulled closer and closer to the wormhole. Suddenly Matt realised he couldn’t get away, the trial of standing he barely survived but his body would fail before it left the gravitational field of the wormhole. And then just like a feather in a hurricane Matthew was picked up and thrown into the portal. He couldn’t describe what he felt. It was as if his body was surrounded by a force it couldn’t comprehend, as if he was a part of everything yet part of nothing at the same time. His mind felt open as memories passed him, this time more real. The woman, the dragon and turtle, and his father. It almost looked like a stand off as his father stood on the edge of the dark alley, the mugger across from him with a revolver, but at last the mugger turned his attention from his Father to him. This confused Matt as here he was but a mere spectator in the raging ocean of life, the storm that he had fell victim to. BANG! Fired the revolver, the barrel smoking, Matthew bleeding. His mind raced to decipher what had just happened as he himself watched his body float away, almost as though his mind had abandoned his body, setting out on its own voyage. Suddenly everything sped up, and Matthew was thrown from the portal, hurdling into a set of table and chairs. He was dazed as he glanced around him, frantically searching for clues as to where he had landed. As he got up he recognized he still had his own body, no injury in sight minus what he had landed on. His arm throbbed in pain yet it wasn’t his largest priority at the moment.

“ Hullo? Would you like Some tea?” Puff asked from behind him.


“And that’s pretty much it” said Matthew in a now more cheerful tone.

“ Wait so how are you related?” asked Riley.

“ Oh yeah, so it turns out that my body basically became a new version of myself. He then went on to meet my future wife, have a child with her, and then murder her to cover up the trail. He then lost and became separated from the child in a shipwreck. So yeah, he was my kinda son but not really.”

“Okay makes sense” Riley thought of how Matthew might feel about the predicament may have fazed himself and wondered how he could withstand it. He then shook the thought and glanced over to the Delorian. There’s gotta be a 80% chance they’re all going to die when I pull that right? Like I probably shouldn’t. Oh well I guess it’s part of the plot so we’ll see what happens. Well that’s really cool and all but I think we need to go, we probably don’t have a lot of time. Man I probably should have actually said that instead of just thinking it.

“Well that’s really cool and all but I think we need to go, we probably don’t have a lot of time.” said Riley breaking the sorrow silence.

“ Wait, but because we are going at any time we want, our time here won’t dictate what will happen then. So really we can spend as long as we like here. Heck, we could even go to their reality/universe before they arrive, pull a terminator and kill their parents so they are never born and this doesn’t happen. Accept for the fact that would also affect our timeline as Emily would have never been stolen so maybe we could just wait and ambush them when the time is right. Right?” said Tristan in a calm yet thoughtful voice.

“ Yeah but that would be more complicated, and way less cool” replied Riley.

“Oh okay makes sense” said Tristan as he relaxed resting on the forward edge of the Delorean.

“Okay so let’s Go” Riley said as he grabbed the straps attached to the car. Oh we are totally gonna die doing this.

“Wait why are we leaving now, like I said, we can leave whenever we want, we could all take naps” said tristan in a confused tone. Matthew nodded along with Tristan’s statement.

“ Yes we could… But then our writer would have to add more and why would we want to do that to him?” said Riley in a irritated tone.

“Okay, cool cool.” said Tristan in return. As they all loaded into the car, minus Riley of course, a bad feeling rose in Tristan’s stomach. He knew this was a terrible idea to try and take a delorean, a car made to only travel back in time and then modify it to also travel forwards. He glanced over to Matthew who was searching his phone. Doc sat in the wheel with Tristan in the passenger seat and Dylan in the back.

“ You guy’s ready?” yelled Riley from outside the Car.

“ Yeah whenever you’re ready.” Doc yelled back. Okay Fleetwood, You got this. Who’s the fastest? You’re the fastest? Who’s the fastest? You’re the fastest! Riley’s right Leg sprung forward bracing and transferring energy into his left as to create a burst of speed.

“WAIT!” Matthew Yelled. Riley stopped immediately, sadly from his starting position he had only pulled the car a few feet.

“ There’s a subway! That can take us there! Like without the whole running and risking all of our lives thing! Like Maybe we should consider it! And its in walking distance!” Matthew yelled from the Car.

“Fine” Riley said in a sad tone. After everybody was ready they all walked to the station and boarded the train to Halo 8. Everybody felt safe.


“Are you ready? It’s almost time, do you need anymore  practice or are you ready?” asked Keegan impatiently. Keegan sat full of anxiety on the small shack they had built. He didn’t know exactly where they were but he did know that it was secluded enough to perform what they had planned. He was ready to end the world, end it for all the right reasons of course. After all the world, the existence of humanity was twisted he thought. The world had stolen from people, good people like Matt who lost his son. The world had  taken lives, it had taken and broken his heart. The world was broken, and in the super villain label as he was applying to the only way to create a new bright, innocent, clean humanity was to destroy the old one.

“Yeah, I’m almost ready, but Abe I think we need to move the ladder a little to the right” replied Matt. Abe grunted tiredly yet complied with Matthews request. Although the two had been working together for a while in order to destroy the world they had still been unable to find friendship. Especially with Abe’s busy schedule, having to hop between worlds, making plans in both made it excruciatingly difficult for them to build a strong relationship.  Although this did not seem to faze Matt as he continued to work. He too at first was seeing the world as a cruel place that took what it wanted from those it birthed, yet as the hours passed he started to doubt Keegan’s thought process and mental health. Keegan had been lucky to find Matt at such a broken time, after just recently waking up from a coma, starting a family, and beginning to raise a child he had lost the boy at sea. After this Matt was broken, and then Keegan found him, took advantage of his weakened mind and got him on his side. Although now there was nothing better for him to do, he had murdered his wife in a cold blooded feat of rage, was without a home, and without a bit of pride in his heart. And now it seems Keegan had changed plans making this more about vengeance than restarting humanity. Creating a quote on quote better world.

“ Just a few more shots and then I will be ready” said Matt, masking his doubt.


LIght glanced off of the chrome railing, catching Emily’s view and partially blinding her. She shifted balance allowing herself to perch out the blinding light. The balcony she stood on gave her a beautiful view of the beach, it’s crashing waves creating a satisfying sound. She knew though, although she could feel the burn of the hot sand, hear the birds cries, and taste the salt on the wind, it was all fake.Everything, the luxurious mansion she had woken up in felt real, but the green gridded boundaries she met when trying to leave the area said otherwise. But it was nice, roomy, she had a rough 20 square miles to work with. Not that she had learned this on her own, it was in a pamphlet on her king sized bed. She watched as a Moving Truck with Keegan’s face drove in and out of view on the street below her. She winced at the sight. All she knew to her knowledge was she was in a state dream, she had no idea where she herself was in the real world.

“Well, I guess the cans of sprite on the beach won’t drink themselves” she said as she moved down the stairs to the front door. Warm clean air pushed into the large house as she opened the door. The air was nice, it consisted of a warm tropical feeling yet at the same time was refreshing like the first breath of a cold brisk morning in Washington. Continuing down to the beach she felt as if she floated across the bright green side lawn down to a wooden walkway. After crossing she hit the sand, taking a moment to stand and take a fresh breath of air, looking around her and preparing to engulf herself the paradise that lay before her. As she strode across the sand making her way to a pair of chairs in the shade of a palm tree she noticed a few unopened cans of sprite laying next to the leg. How conveniently placed, I must have prepared and forgotten to drink those yesterday. She thought as she sat in the chair, turning her gaze from the beach to the ocean. She reached down and grabbed a sprite from the sand. Oh Leo! she said in her mind. Spectacularly not a second after the call a black and white Border Collie pranced into her view and came to lay down beside her chair. She gazed into the open horizon considering how it might not be too bad living in her own little slice of paradise. Suddenly she heard a rustle in the chair next to her.

“Hey Emily, how’s it going?” asked Keegan. She glanced over to see him seated next to her.

“Oh hey, uh so what exactly is happening right now, like did I win a trip or something?” Emily asked in return.

“Well kinda, right now you’re in a HEARTHELMET otherwise known as a Hydrogen Energizer and Active Radiational Thermometer Healing Every Limazone while Monitoring Electron Transceivers. So basically you’re in an induced coma where I have moved your conscience outside of your body and into an alternate universe.”

“Oh okay, so this does not exist?” asked Emily

“Oh no it does, just somewhere very far away”

“wait so why are their boundaries?”

“Data plan, sadly my company does not transmit information very well across universes so I could only use a small amount of Data” said Keegan in return.

“Oh that sucks, so what are you doing here, interacting with me, interrupting this calm moment” she said as she made a sweeping gesture towards the ocean with her hand.

“ Well I just wanted to stop by, see how you’re doing, maybe take you out of the machine for a while” Keegan said acknowledging her motion with a nod.

“Well I mean it’s nice here but I probably should get back to my body and all that jazz. I would hate it if we lost connection and my conscience was lost in all of time and space or something, that can’t actually happen, can it?”

“You know I never thought of that, but I would assume you probably don’t want to stick around to find out, here I will get you out in a moment, peace!” As Keegan finished his sentence, he faded out of the fraud reality.

“Well, catch you later Leo” Emily said as she faded from the scripted reality.



Protagonist Tristan: Tristan Ferry

Protagonist Riley: Riley Fleetwood

Protagonist Joe/Doc: Joseph Chauvin

Protagonist Emily: Emily Cinnamon

Protagonist Matthew & MATThew: Matthew Mcconaughey

Protagonist Dylan: Dylan Hess

Antagonist Keegan: Keegan Elkins

Antagonist Abe: Abraham Lincoln R.I.P.

Antagonist Matt & MATThew: Matthew Mcconaughey

Side-Character Flurgen Durgen: M.C.

Side-Character Leo: Patches

Side-Character Puff: Puff the Magic Dragon

Side-Character Anna: Anna

Side-Character Super Brick: Bryce Abeln

Side-Character Duke: Duke Brah

Side-Character Lucca: Lucca Hamina

Mastermind and Primary Author: Jon Carter

Assistant and Part-time Editor: Logan Bergmann

Assistant and Part-time Editor: Vincent Roush

The Transitioner: Transitioner Shwoo


Special Thanks To

Riley Fleetwood, Dylan Hess, Daniel McGough, Emily Cinnamon, Zachary Johnson, Bryce Abeln, Keegan Elkin, Karrisa Terry, Zachary Reinker, Brenden Marshall, Lucca Hamina, Derek Myers, Meria Lee, Taylor Rockwell, Ethan Hampton, Clara Morrison, Ella Stidham, and Mrs. Briery for letting us create an epic story

Amazing Group Story Part 3
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