Your best friend is elected President. Prescott was minding his own business but the rest of the country had a different idea

Boom! Just like that I was the friend of the president. I always seem to be in the middle of something big. It all started when Prescott mentioned that he would do so much if he was president. Some sort of magical wizardry happened that night and because things always work out perfectly in stories, the next day was election day. Prescott was the number one vote on the ballot even though he never started a campaign. He beat out Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Fallon and Kim Kardashian(?).

The first thing that I did once I heard the news was to text Prescott, the media was in a frenzy about where this Prescott Benner was. It only took a few minutes before most of the pranksters on the web were calling themselves Prescott to see if they could get away with it. Prescott, I learned had not even known that he was elected president and with two presidents in the family, his parents did not know what to do. I encouraged them to go get Prescott’s birth certificate and show that to Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, who then could contact higher government officials. They did just that, and you will never guess what happened next.

There was a lot going on and I was right in the middle of it all. In all the confusion, I must have seemed like Prescott’s right hand man (which I was) and as soon as the media got here I was being strangled with microphones. I did not hear it at first but a loud noise started to come from above. I looked up and to my surprise, Marine One was right above us and was preparing to land on near the church next to Prescott’s house. Then I also saw a black helicopter coming in a lot lower and dropping a rope down. About 25 Secret Service agents dove out and within seconds had secured the perimeter of the Benner’s property and now was setting up a media box so they could control the media frenzy.

A Guy in a black suit came up to me and asked which kid was Prescott, I pointed to him and he directed several agents to surround him. I was then escorted along with Prescott to Marine One where several serious looking Marines stood. We climbed on board and took off almost immediately, Prescott instantly realized that his parents and sister were not on board and talked to one of the Secret Service agents. He talked to his sleeve for several seconds and then responded that they were in another chopper and were also being transported.


It took about 30 minutes to get to Portland Oregon International Airport where Air Force One was waiting. As I looked down below us I saw a lot of airplanes waiting on the runway and it took me a while to realize that because the president was going to take off they had to shut down the whole airport. The Secret Service moved at lightning speed preparing us for touchdown and takeoff in Air Force One. They greeted us aboard and before I knew it we were in the air. The crew manager for the plane came up to Prescott and asked if he wanted anything to eat, Prescott of course said no and asked for a tour of the plane, he was happy to see what the plane had.

I on the other hand went right up to the mobile oval office so I could do a quick press release about what was happening. The computer geek for the white house quickly got on the phone and was able to set up my account. I quickly logged on and started to type. At that time it was about 5:30 and I was getting hungry for dinner so I ordered a nice big burger, It came in 5 minutes and was absolutely delicious. The press release was ready so I decided to have it be run past the rest of the white house and then released. I also created all of Prescott’s social media pages so that we could communicate with the public.


At about 8:30 I was getting tired and decided to take a quick nap. When I woke up we were on the ground and waiting to be transported to the White House. I also learned that Prescott had gotten his tutorial about how to be a president and I was slated up next to learn how to help the president whenever necessary.


Several weeks later Prescott was ready to be sworn in. Things were finally settling down around the White House and I was starting to become a celebrity along with Prescott for being the youngest people to lead the nation. It was kind of fun but you had to be on your guard all the time because if you were not you would be featured in an revolting article about how you laid down beside a water fountain and took a nap so no one else could use that water fountain. As Prescott and I were getting ready for Inauguration I had to help him remember to smile, not easy to do.

Finally it was Inauguration day and Prescott was quite prepared to take the oath.


Prescott has been president for several years now…

Prescott was just relaxing in the rose garden when a messenger came to him with important information relating to North Korea. “Sir! I have a very important information about North Korea, I would tell you out here but it is so important that I have to tell you in a soundproof room,” Prescott thought about this for several seconds and said

“I do appreciate this notification but I think that you can tell me right now, I know for a fact that the secret service has made this place one of the permanently safest places on the earth,”

“Okay then sir,” the messenger said, “It has come to the attention of the NKCF(North Korea Containment Facility) that Kai Depweg is now the dictator of North Korea and unfortunately we do not know much about him as he has stayed underneath the radar. Kai was/is a USA citizen and was brought to North Korea in a private jet somehow smuggled into the country,”  Prescott was very surprised that someone he knew had just become one of the nation’s worst enemies. According to a report that he had read as soon as possible, Kai was appointed the dictator of North Korea after he was seen battling with his meter stick.

Kai immediately decided that they needed to completely revise North Korea’s military standpoint and now half of the budget is for outfitting and training the meter stick ninjas and the other half is for the nuclear program. Kai was seen as a stable leader and one that could confidently lead the country until they were intimidated at which he would hand back the job to the military leader.

Prescott did not know what to do… He could order that his friend (and now enemy) would step down but then he would have to handle Kai’s madness at the White House while the matter got figured out. He also could convince North Korea that because Kai was dictator it would be best for them to step down and become a territory of the United States. Prescott pondered this for several hours and then decided what he wanted to do.


He would order a Navy SEAL team to infiltrate North Korea and learn information about what Kai was planing, at the earliest possible opportunity they would capture Kai and bring him on to an aircraft carrier for questioning and then he would be put on the Lockheed SR-71(Blackbird) on the way home so that Prescott could question Kai himself. Prescott was then advised by several top military advisers about how they could go about this.

They decided that it would make sense to have them(the Navy SEALS) launched into space and wait several weeks for the launch to get out of the media, meanwhile a aircraft carrier would move into position. As soon as it was all ready, the SEALS would fall on to North Korea acting as aliens and then go right to Kai, capture him and move him to a waiting helicopter and eventually bring him back to the USA.

Now Prescott wasn’t so sure that this was a good idea but they decided to go for it anyway. The launch was quickly put under way and the best of the best were fully prepared to take Kai hostage. The rocket was launched amid slight suspicion from the press but everything went smoothly.

About one and a half weeks later, the capsule was finally deorbited and started the descent towards North Korea. It landed about 5 miles from Kai’s mansion and was quickly discovered by a grounds keeper. Prescott was moved to the situation room and had full knowledge of the situation due to several discreet outside cameras. When the groundskeeper came back with a platoon of the meter stick army, Prescott gave the go ahead and the 7 part SEAL team leapt out and began to systematically destroy them. Orders had been given to not kill if possible and luckily the Ninjas had not received much training so it was fairly simple to knock them out.

The SEAL team moved quickly up the steps to the mansion where Kai stood. He had a meter stick in his hand and was dressed in full body armor. The SEAL team quickly captured him and brought him to the waiting plane that had just landed. Prescott was very impressed, his team was able to get Kai back to the USA in less than 3 hours and to the presidential interrogations room in less than 5 hours.

After that news went public, North Korea was quickly absorbed into South Korea and Kai was brought in as a contractor for the US Hand to Hand combat selection of the US Army. Prescott was in Oregon giving an address about all this when all of the sudden 3 armed gunman started towards the stage. Before he knew what was happening he was tackled by the secret service and lugged off the stage.

The secret service hauled Prescott towards Marine One within one minute and after the pilots had completed a brief preflight check list they were up and away. On the ground things were a different story. The agents closest to Prescott had fired at the closest gunman and he was down. The other 2 were tackled moments later, disarmed and brought to the ground. As soon as they were at cruising altitude, the President was informed of the situation and put on his way back to Washington DC. The Secret Service were very concerned for how the attackers had managed to do that but they were lucky that no one was injured.

Later that night, Kai made a confession, he had planed the assassination of Prescott because his highest government officials in North Korea had threatened to kill him if he didn’t. That called for immediate action from the US government. Prescott ordered North Korea to be invaded and all government officials to be captured and interviewed, while US officials made sure that the North Korean territory was properly handed over to South Korea.

This worked amazingly well and Prescott’s approval rating went up to be one of the highest in the history of the nation. “Another crisis avoided,” Prescott sighed as he walked out of his office.

Prescott for President and the meter stick incident
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